One of the objectives of Jawahar Navodaya vidyalayas are to promote National integration among the students and in turn to the stack holders. This is achieved by the policy of migration which is a unique programme in this organisation in which 30 percent of the class IX students are shifted to Hindi speaking area to Non- Hindi speaking area and vice-versa (or) from South to North and vice-versa (or) East to west or west to east etc.  The students shifted study there for one year and learn the language, culture and the people different habits etc. so that the brotherhood will develop among the students.

     This Vidyalaya is having migration link to Jawahar Navodaya vidyalaya, Panchawati, Rangat, Middle and North Andaman and JNV carnicobar. Every year students from both andaman and nicobar schools shifted to this vidyalaya and student from this vidyalaya is being shifted to N&M Andaman



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